Adult Slip and Slide

Remember as a kid (if you grew up when kids still played outside) playing on the slip and slide because your parents wouldn’t spring for a pool? The five feet of wet plastic that you would slip down and then skid on the grass because you were going to fast? Great times. Well there’s an […]

Bungee Jump Wedding

I have never tried bungee jumping, but I’ve always wanted to. I like roller coasters and this shouldn’t be too much different other than the possibility of cracking your head open on the rocks below or the cord pulling your legs off. I need my legs to walk and so does my future wife.

Bouncy Castle

I thought it would be cool to get a Bouncy Castle for the wedding. I mean, look at it;  what bride doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her special day. Also it’s a lot of fun and it brings back memories as a kid. Unfortunately, I’m too big for the bouncy castle and […]

The Wedding Dress

We’re  always thinking of ideas to save money for the wedding since we’re footing the bill ourselves. I feel the wedding will be more meaningful if we stick to a budget and it allows us to make  it our wedding.Laura found this dress online for 146 bucks. She posted it on Facebook and hilarity ensued. She […]

White Castle Wedding

I love White Castle hamburgers and thought it would be a lot of fun to get married there or at least the reception since sliders are the best Drunk food. But they only do this thing in February and our wedding will be in September. Maybe I can convince her to spend Valentine’s day there.