Dudeoir Photography

I’ve been thinking of what to get my bride for her wedding day. I mean, I already got her a nice engagement ring that she really loves (no, she didn’t pick it out) so what should I get her?

An article from The Plunge says I can get her some jewelry or a personalized photo album. But what DOESN’T She want?

Well she definitely shot down the idea of Dudeoir photography. Dudeoir is Boudoir for men wrapped up in the “macho” phrase to make it more appealing to men who are insecure of their masculinity. Basically it’s a photo session for dudes with no shirts or nothing at all. Personally I think it would be better suited for Tinder profiles instead of a wedding gift.


More posts coming soon!

Hello – sorry lack of posts. It’s been really busy. So far we’ve managed to pick a venue, caterer, DJ and she found her dress.

We’ve decided to have the wedding and the reception at Greenhouse Loft in Chicago, we’re having Big Delicious Planet provide the food, and Toast & Jam has been booked as the entertainment. We’re still looking for a photographer, but the Save the Dates have been mailed out and we’ve also booked ActionBooth as an alternative to a photo booth.

I hope to start posting on a weekly basis. Balancing Work, School and Wedding planning is difficult, but I’m sure I can handle it.

Groom Rides in on an Ostrich

There are plenty of weddings where the bride makes a grand entrance. But usually the groom is waiting there to receive his bride.

I want to make a grand entrance as well. Sure, I could ride in a white horse. But who would remember that?

I want to ride in on an Ostrich. I’ll name him Steve and he’ll also be the ring bearer. Ostriches also could look they’re wearing tuxedos too.

Zoot Suit Riot

Zoot suits were a style of suits back in the 1940s that were known for their baggy look and brimmed hat.

They received a resurgence with the song Zoot Suit Riot by the Cherry Poppin Daddies in 1998. That kicked off the swing music craze that lasted all but a year.

Almost twenty years later, I think it’s time to bring the Zoot Suit back. As my suit for the wedding.

KFC Chicken Corsage

No wedding is complete without flowers. But flowers can be expensive. Good thing KFC invented the chicken corsage. At twenty dollars, it has everything that you could possibly want out of a flower arrangement: It’s wearable, edible, and tastes like chicken.

They are marketing it as a prom corsage, but what’s stopping them form making things for weddings as well? You could make a drumstick bouquet, a wing wreath, or you could offer banquets at the many KFC locations. Who says White Castle can be the only romantic fast food restaurant?

KFC has a great idea on their hands and I hope it’s only the beginning.


Wine, Pie, Doves, and Mock Battles

As I have said in previous posts, the wedding is more than two people swearing their love to each other. It’s also about celebrating that commitment with loved ones. That’s why we’re focusing on a reception as well as our vows.

We have been thinking about naming the event. But it certainly won’t be called the red or purple wedding.

We were going to have wine, some pie, and release some doves, but after last night, we will reconsider. I’m still pushing to have a reenactment battle performed by the local jesters at the renaissance fair.

Game of Thrones is quickly becoming my favorite show of all time, but I don’t get why they had to kill the hero. Now who will I root for?


DJ Roomba

I love Parks and Recreation. The characters are always sharp and the actors are allowed creativity liberty.

Aziz Ansari’s character, Tom, is the second funniest character on the show. The top honor goes to Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson.

But Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit gives me great ideas for my real life. Like DJ Roomba. Entertainment for the wedding is expensive and all my friends who are DJs are going to be in the wedding.

DJ Roomba seems like a perfect fit for the wedding, he won’t hit on the single women at the reception and as long as there are no sharp corners, he can do the job on his own.

Too bad the venue we selected requires a licensed and bonded DJ. I think I would void the warranty if I made a DJ Roomba. Better keep looking.

Goonies Themed Wedding

I still watch The Goonies from time to time. Each time I watch it, I want to go out to Oregon and search for pirate treasure.

I think a Goonies themed wedding would be fantastic. I would have to get my friends together to go on a mission to find my bride. We would only have a map that we found in the attic to go off of.

We we would then narrowly escape gangsters and their mom by going underground. Our one friend would have to stay behind.

Then we would move on to just outside the reception hall where we would play an organ as our first activity together making sure not to get any of the notes wrong

The reception hall will house a pirate ship in the middle of a indoor lake. My friends and I will have to swing across. As I swing across, I will yell, “Hey, yoooouu guuuuys” as loud as I can to announce my presence. We will venture down to the cabin to find my bride and her bridesmaids ready to proceed. One Eye Wiley will recite the vows. After we say ” I do”, we’ll jump off the plank as Cindi Lauper sings “Goonies are Good Enough”

And we’ll have enough money that my dad won’t have to sell the house and we can live with him forever and ever!


Styx as the Wedding Band

Styx. The rock ballad band that started in Chicago by playing at local proms before they got their start. Fun fact; they played at my parents’ prom.

Famous for such songs as Lady, Miss America, and Mr Roboto, they’re one of those rock bands that should be bigger.

I want to get them to play my wedding, how awesome would it be to have our first dance to Mr Roboto, but only if there’s a five minute theatrical intro.


Malort and Fireball Whiskey

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the reception. Everyone has made it through your beautiful pledge to be together forever and now they want to get blackout drunk to remember the occasion.

We have worked up a selection of fine beer and spirits, but here’s what didn’t make the cut: Malort, Fireball Whiskey, and PBR.

Malort has gained notoriety in the past couple years as the liquor so terribly bitter that if you type “Malort face”, you’ll be greeted with plenty of faces like the one below.

Fireball Whiskey is a cinnamon flavored liquor that tastes like you ate an entire package of Big Red gum.

We also won’t have Pabst Blue Ribbon because this is a wedding and not a ironic indie show in a converted garage in Logan Square.