Phones at the Ceremony

I love my phone. I use it for everything. I even post to WordPress while taking the bus to work. I take pictures of crazy things and post them to Facebook for all of my friends to see. I can see why people like being on their phones, but I can see where there needs to times where phones are not allowed. Recently there has been a video from 2011 making the rounds on Reddit and Huffington Post that has a lot of people upset. The bride in video is walking down the aisle and her phone goes off. She then checks the phone as the groom (or her father) gives her a dirty look.

Now what could be more important than your wedding day that you need to check out a text? All of your best friends are there, you knew about this day for at least a month, there should be nothing more for you to address. Or maybe she was texting her boyfriend on the side “Lol this is boring, whatchu doing l8ter?”

Now I know that I’m the last person to write about someone using their phone too much, (I have 6GB of data and drool when my Verizon LTE hits 84mb/s) but I know there’s a time and a place to use a phone and I hope that everyone, even the bride and groom, will be focused on the wedding ceremony and not their phones.


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