Malort and Fireball Whiskey

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the reception. Everyone has made it through your beautiful pledge to be together forever and now they want to get blackout drunk to remember the occasion.

We have worked up a selection of fine beer and spirits, but here’s what didn’t make the cut: Malort, Fireball Whiskey, and PBR.

Malort has gained notoriety in the past couple years as the liquor so terribly bitter that if you type “Malort face”, you’ll be greeted with plenty of faces like the one below.

Fireball Whiskey is a cinnamon flavored liquor that tastes like you ate an entire package of Big Red gum.

We also won’t have Pabst Blue Ribbon because this is a wedding and not a ironic indie show in a converted garage in Logan Square.



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