Murder Mystery Wedding

I have heard that murder mystery dinners are fun. It’s like a live action game of Clue. Someone gets murdered and it’s up to the audience (who are suspects) to determine who the murderer is before they get killed themselves. So wouldn’t that make sense to have a Murder Mystery Wedding? The reception would start and just as the best man is giving his speech, the lights go out. There’s a scream. The lights come back on to find the bride murdered with the knife still in her back. The groom is still standing next to her. It could have been him. It could have been the maid of honor who has always been a bridesmaid and never the bride. Anyone could have done it. It’s a good thing Detective Dylan Clark is on the scene. Everyone must remain in the room until the crime is solved. The only way to get people to talk is to invite them to the open bar.

Or maybe it would be more fun if the guests didn’t know it was a staged event…



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