Disposable Cameras



Disposable camera’s used to be really cool. You would take some lo-mo pics at parties or Disney World because you didn’t want the fancy camera to get ruined. I used to work the photo booth at Walgreens and these cameras were the majority of my orders. Out of a standard 24 exposure set, perhaps 5 pictures would come out in acceptable condition. So why should we waste our money on disposable cameras for the wedding? Although we’re looking into a venue that has quality lighting for pictures, disposable camera’s still don’t cut the mustard compared to an iPhone or Lumia series camera phone. Even a decent digital point and shoot can be had for less than 100 dollars. 

So why waste the money purchasing the cameras and then spending the money to have the film developed? A better idea would be to use that money that I would have spent on disposables and spend a little more for an extra fly on the wall photographer to take action photos of our friends enjoying themselves. And if people want to take their own photos, they could upload to Instagram with a #NickandLaurawedding. And everyone will be free to filter the hell out their photos. 


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