Goonies Themed Wedding

I still watch The Goonies from time to time. Each time I watch it, I want to go out to Oregon and search for pirate treasure.

I think a Goonies themed wedding would be fantastic. I would have to get my friends together to go on a mission to find my bride. We would only have a map that we found in the attic to go off of.

We we would then narrowly escape gangsters and their mom by going underground. Our one friend would have to stay behind.

Then we would move on to just outside the reception hall where we would play an organ as our first activity together making sure not to get any of the notes wrong

The reception hall will house a pirate ship in the middle of a indoor lake. My friends and I will have to swing across. As I swing across, I will yell, “Hey, yoooouu guuuuys” as loud as I can to announce my presence. We will venture down to the cabin to find my bride and her bridesmaids ready to proceed. One Eye Wiley will recite the vows. After we say ” I do”, we’ll jump off the plank as Cindi Lauper sings “Goonies are Good Enough”

And we’ll have enough money that my dad won’t have to sell the house and we can live with him forever and ever!



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