Choreographed First Dance to “Happy”




Let’s face it; Pharrell Williams’ new hit song, “Happy” is pretty catchy and upbeat. First appearing on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack in mid-2013, the song has been played on almost every pop radio station. It has also spawned many of choreographed videos in hopes that they’ll go viral. The proof is in the pudding – look at the one my friend helped coordinate for her school to raise money. 33k views on Youtube and a couple of features on Huffington Post and the local news affiliates. They did meet their donation goal too.

While I have no problem with this, the internet has a short attention span and this fad will probably drop off as sharply as the Harlem Shake. Remember that? No? Neither do I. While my fiance has still not ruled out a coordinated bride and groom first dance, she has declined “Happy” as the theme song. I’m sure 2014/15 will yield another trendy dance number that will go viral and we’ll have a fancy video for everyone to see.


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