Phones at the Ceremony

I love my phone. I use it for everything. I even post to WordPress while taking the bus to work. I take pictures of crazy things and post them to Facebook for all of my friends to see. I can see why people like being on their phones, but I can see where there needs to times where phones are not allowed. Recently there has been a video from 2011 making the rounds on Reddit and Huffington Post that has a lot of people upset. The bride in video is walking down the aisle and her phone goes off. She then checks the phone as the groom (or her father) gives her a dirty look.

Now what could be more important than your wedding day that you need to check out a text? All of your best friends are there, you knew about this day for at least a month, there should be nothing more for you to address. Or maybe she was texting her boyfriend on the side “Lol this is boring, whatchu doing l8ter?”

Now I know that I’m the last person to write about someone using their phone too much, (I have 6GB of data and drool when my Verizon LTE hits 84mb/s) but I know there’s a time and a place to use a phone and I hope that everyone, even the bride and groom, will be focused on the wedding ceremony and not their phones.


Ring Bear

Recently “How I Met Your Mother” ended for good. The last season followed Robin and Barney’s wedding. Throughout the season, Barney kept saying that he had a ring bear for the wedding only to be asked to clarify if he actually meant ring bearer. In the third to last episode, we finally see the dreaded ring bear is actually a cute cub that Robin is okay with prompting Barney to announce the flower gorilla. But he cancels that out at the last minute after seeing Robin’s mortified face.

How I Met Your Mother is finally resolved and although the ending seemed hurried and illogical, I’m glad that they ended it on their terms

Choreographed First Dance to “Happy”




Let’s face it; Pharrell Williams’ new hit song, “Happy” is pretty catchy and upbeat. First appearing on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack in mid-2013, the song has been played on almost every pop radio station. It has also spawned many of choreographed videos in hopes that they’ll go viral. The proof is in the pudding – look at the one my friend helped coordinate for her school to raise money. 33k views on Youtube and a couple of features on Huffington Post and the local news affiliates. They did meet their donation goal too.

While I have no problem with this, the internet has a short attention span and this fad will probably drop off as sharply as the Harlem Shake. Remember that? No? Neither do I. While my fiance has still not ruled out a coordinated bride and groom first dance, she has declined “Happy” as the theme song. I’m sure 2014/15 will yield another trendy dance number that will go viral and we’ll have a fancy video for everyone to see.

Social Media Wedding Concierge


Sometimes to make money, you need to create a service for something that people didn’t even know they needed. 

W Hotels in New York City has created such a service for weddings that will change the market, or at the very least, make them a boatload of money. They offer a service called Social Media Wedding Concierge. For a reasonable $3,000, they will:

  • Live tweet the ceremony and reception
  • Instagram photos and videos and Vine videos
  • Curate a unique wedding #hashtag
  • Encourage guests to use said hashtag as they post to social media
  • Set up and maintain a wedding blog before and after the big day
  • Curate a Pintrest board for honeymoon destinations and also registry wish lists
  • Wedding social media recap for the couple – a Shutterfly book complete with social media highlights from the planning process and a collage of the best tweets and Instagrams sent during the wedding. 


While a lot of people including my fiance think this is a horrible idea, I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of it first. 

Bridal Wedding Gifts

Its customary for the bride and groom to exchange gifts for the wedding. Usually for the groom it’s golf clubs or a watch. The bride usually receives a tennis bracelet or some other jewelry.

I want to get my future wife something truly unique, but she doesn’t want a Burger King franchise. This is the last time I look to Kanye West for wedding advice.

Kanye has purchased 10 Burger King chains for his wife Kim Kardashian. Even if I had the amount of money Kanye had, I think there would be more creative gifts out there. Perhaps a trip to outer space on the Virgin Galactic.

Matching Wedding Tattoos

A tattoo, like love, is forever. Unlike love, tattoos don’t always get better with age. I was thinking of getting a tattoo and have her get one that matches. To symbolize we would be together and such. Unfortunately, tattoos are worse in pairs.

Maybe we’ll think of something else to symbolize love eternal. Like wedding bands.

Disposable Cameras



Disposable camera’s used to be really cool. You would take some lo-mo pics at parties or Disney World because you didn’t want the fancy camera to get ruined. I used to work the photo booth at Walgreens and these cameras were the majority of my orders. Out of a standard 24 exposure set, perhaps 5 pictures would come out in acceptable condition. So why should we waste our money on disposable cameras for the wedding? Although we’re looking into a venue that has quality lighting for pictures, disposable camera’s still don’t cut the mustard compared to an iPhone or Lumia series camera phone. Even a decent digital point and shoot can be had for less than 100 dollars. 

So why waste the money purchasing the cameras and then spending the money to have the film developed? A better idea would be to use that money that I would have spent on disposables and spend a little more for an extra fly on the wall photographer to take action photos of our friends enjoying themselves. And if people want to take their own photos, they could upload to Instagram with a #NickandLaurawedding. And everyone will be free to filter the hell out their photos. 

Beach Wedding

The beach is a fun place to go to. You can build sandcastles, feed seagulls, and swim. All fun activities. But for some reason, beach weddings don’t seem like a good idea. Sand gets everywhere and makes things gritty.

Also it seems that you wouldn’t want to have a wedding anywhere you could possibly get wet.


American Gladiators Theme Wedding


I was born in the 80s which means that I got to experience all the things that are popular now when they first came out. I am full of nostalgia and the game show I was most interested in was American Gladiators. I would have a gauntlet challenge in my basement.

An American Gladiators wedding would be awesome. It would have my future wife and I fighting gladiators to get to the altar. The reception would have jousting and a gauntlet to get to the open bar. Everyone would wear spandex and have big eighties hair.

I need to start bulking up.